A Safe Sportsbook is a Must

There are a lot of criteria for evaluating an online sports betting site, but picking a safe sportsbook is a must. Variety of sports, betting options, in-game wagering, and a user-friendly interface are some of the more common ones. Sign-up bonuses and other offers can be helpful, but it can be a buyer beware situation.


If you don’t live in a state with legalized sports betting, your options are using offshore sites operated internationally. It’s not always clear who the operators are and what laws they are operating under. It’s not always clear that your wagering activities are even legal in your location.

All of those considerations are important, but can you trust the site operators with your personal and financial information? Every site requires a varying amount of information upon opening an account. With the risk of identity theft that exists in today’s culture, your information needs to be safely managed.

America's Bookie is committed to safety
America’s Bookie is committed to safety

It’s also important to consider how convenient and economical it is to withdraw funds. If the site creates barriers to access to your funds, it should act as a red flag for using it. Does the site pay out funds in the same manner it accepts them? Or does it make it easy to deposit but tough to withdraw?

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AmericasBookie.com, 1Vice.ag and Bet33Sportsbook.com

For comparison purposes, I looked at three different yet similar sports betting sites. 1Vice.ag and Americasbookie.com were specific regarding their funding and withdrawal options, including fees and frequency of each available. Bet33.com had fewer options available and also made no mention of any fees associated with withdrawals.

1Vice and AmericasBookie appear to use the same platform, so their options and fee structure are the same. They primarily deal through Western Union and MoneyGram outlets, so there are no direct financial transfers except with BitCoin.

You can compare for yourself, or you can also browse our safe sportsbooks.

Withdrawal Comparisons

Here are the types of withdrawals along with the fees and other restrictions for 1Vice and Americas Bookie. For all types of withdrawal, customers are limited to one withdrawal every seven days to help avoid fees. Person-to-person transfers are usually processed within 48 hours, but bank drafts take up to 30 days to arrive:

  • BitCoin: Minimum: $50, Maximum: $2,000, Fee: 2%
  • Person to Person Money Transfer: Minimum: $100, Maximum: $450, Fee: $50
  • Regular Mail – Bank Draft: Minimum: $500, Maximum: $500, Fee: Free
  • Registered Mail – Bank Draft: Minimum: $500, Maximum: $1,000, Fee: $45
  • Priority Courier – Bank Draft: Minimum: $500, Maximum: $3,000, Fee: $45

Bet33.com offers two types of withdrawal methods: Person to Person at Western Union and MoneyGram locations or bank drafts. It also limits withdrawals to one every seven days. When it comes to picking a sportsbook, payments are at the top of the importance list. You need to choose a safe sportsbook.

Person-to-Person transfers are generally processed within 48 hours. Bank drafts or a cashier’s check can take up to 30 days to arrive.

Bet33.com does not mention any fees associated with the withdrawal process. It also doesn’t specify if there are different options for the delivery of bank drafts.

All of these sites suggest calling a toll-free number to inquire about the use of debit or credit cards for funding. You will find more info, because there is no mention of a credit or debit card account being used for withdrawals or payouts.

Please refer to the individual websites that you are interested in signing up with. If you have any additional questions about them, they will be sure to answer them all for you. A safe sportsbook will not have anything to hide and should exhibit total transparency.