As an Agent – Don’t Move the Lines


One feature the majority of pay-per-head services offer is the ability for the bookie to change any of the betting lines instantly. It’s possible to change the odds for any market.

You’ll have several options. You can change the juice/vig, you can move the point spread in either direction or you can simply add a hook to a line ensuring that there isn’t a push.


Some bookies like to move lines they feel are wrong. However, should you move the lines? You have to ask yourself if you’re better suited to set betting lines than the professionals.

As an agent of a pay-per-head service, you don’t need to set lines. The leading PPH services have full-time oddsmakers in-house that are constantly watching the action and moving lines.

Typically, PPH services will look at the odds of several other bookies or odds feeds and then average out the line when opening the market. They aren’t pulling the lines out of thin air.

After opening a market, the oddsmakers will move the odds based on the movement elsewhere, plus based on the action that all of the agents are collectively receiving on a market.

Why Agents Shouldn’t Move Betting Lines

Novice bookies that move the lines without reason can often get into trouble. We’re going to look at reasons why agents should not move the lines until you have a lot more bookmaking experience.

• PPH Offers Sharper Lines: The oddsmakers have more data than you and are able to create sharper lines based on a consensus from multiple industry sources with large action.

• Stale Lines: If you set your own line, you’ll need to update the line. You’re not going to have the chance to move lines sometimes. Offering a stale line can end terribly. If any of your clients know what they’re doing, they’ll bet the maximum when there’s enough value.

• Arbitrage: By moving lines on your own, you could be setting up arbitrage opportunities for your players. You don’t want to take a bunch of action on one side when the line is off what the industry is offering, as you won’t be able to balance your book profitably.

There are some cases where you may need to move the line. As I’ve mentioned, PPH services provide sharp lines that closely mirror public perception on a given betting market.

However, if you only have local clients, you may get hammered every time a local team plays. If that happens, the PPH service won’t move the line based on just the action you’re receiving.

If you have heavy lop-sided action, you will want to move the line to deter more action. As a smaller bookie, you don’t have the luxury of taking on heavy one-sided action.

In conclusion, don’t move lines just to move them. You should avoid moving the odds at all until you understand the potential risks. Your best bet is to allow the PPH service to worry about the odds.


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