Best Sportsbooks for Football

The best sportsbooks for football include America’s Bookie.

Key Points

– Finding the best sportsbook for football can make a bettor’s season.

– Do the research to find the best sportsbook for football.

The Best Sportsbooks for Football

As the NFL season rapidly approaches, football fans everywhere are gearing up for another year of gridiron action. But before you can enjoy the games, you need to make a few important decisions—like where to place your bets.

Betting NFL and college football is extremely popular when the seasons begin late in the summer and early fall. One of the things that every football bettor needs is a quality sportsbook. 

Football bettors desire a few things. They want great odds and juice on football bets. If they are signing up for a new account, they want easy to understand welcome bonuses as well as a simple, seamless sign up. Any difficulties will send the serious football bettor to the next available sportsbook.

If the site has great customer service, a solid and robust mobile app or website; football bettors will flock. That is why football sportsbooks like America’s Bookie have been thriving for years.

So, what should bettors look for exactly when searching for the best sportsbooks for football?

Wide Selection of Bets

One of the first things bettors should look for when choosing a sportsbook for the football season is the selection of bets offered. The best will offer the standard moneyline, point spread, and totals bets as well as a number of other specials including parlays and teasers as well as a variety of props bets.

A good quality betting site will offer everything from alternate point spreads to Anytime Touchdown Scorer props to live betting. The more bets; the better. Football bettors, and sports bettors in general, love the opportunity to have more chances to win.

Always choose a sportsbook that has a huge betting board for both NFL and college football.


Great Odds

It’s a given that one’s betting site of choice must offer great odds on college and pro football games. Bettors can compare odds at various sportsbooks and find the ones that offer the best odds. 

Compare the odds on moneyline, point spread, and totals bets. These are the most popular football bets. Bettors can do the same for the different props bets too. Ultimately, you want to choose the site that offers the best opportunity to win a bet.

For example, if you really like a favorite, you would prefer -2 as compared to -3. Likewise, a bettor wagering on an underdog would favor +5 over +6. 

Bettors should also look for more favorable odds on bets. Getting a moneyline underdog at +115 instead of +110 is an extra $5 on a $100 bet. In the end, a bettor’s choice comes down to the betting site that offers a combination of the best lines and odds.

You Can Trust the Best Sportsbooks for Football

This almost goes without saying. With the rise of sports betting in the U.S., fledgling sportsbooks are popping up everywhere. Everyone is looking for a piece of the action.

Like any industry, there are some less than desirable options out there. The bettor’s job is to do the research and find betting sites that have great reputations and that can be trusted. Remember, when a bettor signs up with a sportsbook, personal and financial information is exchanged. You have to be able to trust your choice with your information.

Most bettors look for names in the industry they recognize. It’s like making any major purchase. Look for trustworthy brand names. If you’re not sure of a certain option, check it out online. There will be customer reviews that you can read. You can also check out a sportsbook on social media. 

The bottom line is to make sure you have done your homework and make the best possible choice when it comes to selecting a sportsbook for the football season.

User Experience

Today’s modern bettor is much different than those of the past. There are no late night phone calls to place bets. No trips to the casino or to the corner bar to find your bookie.

The modern bettor has everything right in his smartphone. He pulls up his sportsbook app or mobile website and does all his business right there. Bettors can make deposits, withdraw money, check odds, and place all of their wagers.

Because today’s bettor has a short attention span, the user experience has to be on point. Slow transmission speeds will send bettors packing. The app or website needs to be visually enticing and navigating throughout it should be seamless. If not, the bettor will find one that is.