Bet Tennis in 2016 US Open and Beyond

Action on the courts has been both compelling and profitable for those who Bet Tennis.  Welcome back one and all to I Got Sportsbook.  Flushing Meadows has certainly not been a disappointment for 2016.  Some of the patterns we see here can be used not only to leverage profit from the sportsbooks now but for the rest of the year and beyond.  Let us get down to some of the polarizing players on tour and how they are doing here at the IGS.

Bet Tennis : McEnroe Dropping Bombs on Players

John McEnroe has made news not once but twice in regards to up and coming players on the ATP tour.  He decided to part ways with Milos Raonic who flamed out early in this tournament.  The Canadian cramped up and promptly wilted in the sun.  Then as an announcer, he went on attack over Nick Kyrgios who withdrew in the third round.  A hip flexor injury was legitimate but he called into question the desire of the Aussie when it came to his chosen profession.  McEnroe said it was all a matter of fitness and that if he want to merely coast through the tour that another career might be best for him.  Indeed, the matter of fitness has come into play a great deal here.  Warm weather venues and body composition of the players is an under examined path to profit in the bigger events on the ATP tour.

Few Women With Power

Women with power and a modicum of movement can dominate in conditions unless it is windy or on clay.  Stosur has the necessary strength but feet of stone.  Counter punchers will devour her.  However, this tourney is developing nicely for the Americans.  Venus is using her strength to finish points off quickly so that her age does not come into play.  Serena’s shoulder is well and she is serving her way through matches.  Even Madison Keys is surviving some mental breakdowns to advance onward.  Bet on the home nation gals at Americas Bookie for boundless profit in the upcoming months on the WTA side of the tour.

Tennis has a myriad of factors that make each match unique.  Our eyes and instincts can trump the lines that the oddsmakers put out there.  Good fortune in the second week of this major and we will see you next time here at I Got Sportsbook.