Ways to Bet on Football

Let’s get ready to bet on football. Key Points – The majority of bettors know the primary ways – moneyline, point spread, and total – to bet on football. – There are several unique ways to bet on football, including exotic bets like teasers. Ways to Bet on Football It is the most popular spectator

Live Betting: In-Game Betting with Live Odds

Live betting provides an opportunity to cash in on bad betting lines. Key Points – Live betting or in-game betting is one of the most popular trends in sports betting today. – In-game betting makes games more exciting and is a way for smart bettors to make up for pre-game betting losses. It is all

Understanding Sportsbook Bonuses

It’s important when understanding sportsbook bonuses to know all angles. They may all look rosy, but it’s important to be informed. Key Points – Sportsbooks offer numerous bonuses to attract bettors to sign up and continue to use their services. – Bettors should thoroughly understand the different types of bonuses offered by sportsbooks. Understanding Sportsbook

5 Reasons to Make America’s Bookie No. 1

America’s Bookie is a name all sports bettors need to know. The running tagline for America’s Bookie (AB) is “America’s Most Trusted Sports Bookie”. And it carries over to this online sportsbook’s goal to be No. 1 in the online sports betting industry. That may appear to be a rather lofty goal. However, with more

Recent NBA Betting Trends

With another full week of NBA action set to begin, let’s take a look at recent NBA betting trends. We will look at how teams have been doing against the spread and against over/unders this year. We’ll also keep an eye on more recent NBA betting trends that might be emerging for the league. Best

How to Bet on Hockey

Knowing how to bet on hockey can be a very profitable enterprise if done the right way. However, it can also be one of the more difficult sports on which to wager. Here, we’ve provided some of the basic tips and tricks you need to get started betting on hockey. HRWAGER.AG CONTINUES TO GARNER RAVE

Updated Super Bowl LV Futures

Let’s update Super Bowl LV futures. The Wild Card round concluded last weekend, so the NFL playoff bracket is beginning to swell. Eight teams are still remaining heading into this weekend’s divisional round.  In the AFC, the Browns will face the Chiefs, and the Bills will host the Ravens. In the NFC, the Rams will

Best Sportsbook to Bet College Basketball

College basketball season is in full effect and it’s time to look at the best sportsbook to bet college basketball. This is music to any sports bettors’ ears. College basketball gives bettors a chance to win big any night of the year. When this is combined with the fast-paced nature of basketball, college hoops provides

Choosing an NFL Sportsbook for Remainder of 2020 Season

Many people don’t realize the importance of an NFL sportsbook for successful betting. The truth is that a sportsbook can make or break a bettor’s season. Opposing sportsbooks give different lines and bonuses that give you a higher chance to win. Because of the complexity of football betting, a good sportsbook is even more critical

A Safe Sportsbook is a Must

There are a lot of criteria for evaluating an online sports betting site, but picking a safe sportsbook is a must. Variety of sports, betting options, in-game wagering, and a user-friendly interface are some of the more common ones. Sign-up bonuses and other offers can be helpful, but it can be a buyer beware situation.