Choosing an NFL Sportsbook for Remainder of 2020 Season

Many people don’t realize the importance of an NFL sportsbook for successful betting. The truth is that a sportsbook can make or break a bettor’s season. Opposing sportsbooks give different lines and bonuses that give you a higher chance to win.

Because of the complexity of football betting, a good sportsbook is even more critical for success. The football season is almost halfway over, so there’s no better time than now to make a switch.


Three NFL sportsbooks are giving football bettors a great chance to win. Let’s take a look at these books.

Your NFL Sportsbook – America’s Bookie

America’s Bookie is the most trusted book in America, and for good reason. They have gambler’s insurance, so you can win back 10% of your net losses monthly. This gives you extra confidence to bet an NFL or NCAA underdog on any given weekend. 

Every weekend, they have an array of football contests to bet on. They have a ton of props and live betting opportunities to give you massive payouts.

They’re also offering a 100% deposit match up to $1,500. This will give you a solid amount of free play to put a ton of easy cash in your pocket. AB’s commitment to customer service on a continual basis over 16 years, with the most promos and contests in the biz is proof they’re worth a shot. After all, a safe sportsbook is a must.

1Vice Sportsbook

1Vice is also helping football bettors win big every Sunday. Like America’s Bookie, they’re offering a 100% match up to $1,500.

The 1Vice interface is comparable to America’s Bookie, but I think 1Vice has a slight advantage in live betting. Live betting is necessary for football because it allows bettors to read the game before placing a wager.

Live betting had an easier feel on 1Vice, in my opinion. Other than that, everything else, including weekly football contests, is extremely similar. 

Bet33 Sportsbook

Bet33 is a solid book, but it doesn’t live up to the reputation of the previous two companies. The reviews on Bet33 are mixed. They do provide a solid betting experience, but could provide a little more betting variety in order to be a top NFL sportsbook.

The book wouldn’t be my first choice. Despite this, they still do some things well. They offer gambler’s insurance to all bettors who make a $500 deposit. If you made this deposit now, you’d receive gambler’s insurance for the rest of football season.

I don’t think Bet33 provides the ultimate football experience. Although, if you find that you like their service, there’s no reason not to use their platform.

Final Thoughts

If I had to rank these books, I would say that America’s Bookie and 1Vice are tied for first. Bet33 is a step below the other books, but they are still a reputable offshore company.

I would recommend testing out each book before making a deposit at your new NFL sportsbook. Do research, and check out the interface. You should use a book that you’re comfortable with and one where you’re able to make bets easily.

Each book offers a solid sign-up bonus as well as a multitude of weekly football contests. 1Vice has the best live betting, but I would side with America’s Bookie as the prop bet leader.

Figure out what features are important to you, and you’ll have success for the remainder of the 2020 football season.