Explore First Inning Run Scored Bets

First inning run scored bets give us some rapid fire wagering action not normally seen in baseball.  The MLB has plenty of long range profit potential.  Near instant results is something that the sport is not normally associated with.  Now we have a bet type at America’s Bookie and other quality betting establishments that finishes fast.  Better yet, this quick clip is still dependent on logical thinking.  So let us explore what a first inning run scored bet is and how to profit on it.

First Inning Run Scored Bets – Yes or No

One simple question with a yes or no answer.  The beauty of this bet is that the sports investor can put in a lot of work on this or rely on their instincts. No’s are typically the odds on favorite but Coors Field and some third and fourth starters give the Yes the chalk at times. Lineups are known before hand with the starters.  Lookup how they do at their 1-15 pitch split and perhaps the 16-30 range as well.  A ton of known factors in this and this is just one of them.

Park Factors

Another facet to tinker with is park factors. Here are just a smattering of the questions one could ask themselves.

  • How do the power hitters do in that particular stadium?
  • Is the place pitcher friendly?
  • Which way is the wind ?
  • How hot is it with what percentage humidity?

The temp and humidity combination is often overlooked.  Hot humid weather propels the balls out of the park.  A certain factor to be pegged in as one in the yes column,

Less than thirty minutes with the potential of profit in your pocket.  What is even better is that one can chase all during the day.  Loss in the day game then try your hand in the 4PM game.  Evening game and West Coast await to score success.  Brilliant betting opportunity that gives baseball that adrenaline that it needs on occasion.  Good fortune in your sports speculation and we will see you next time here at I Got Sportsbook.