Football Fans: It’s Time to Choose a Quality Sportsbook

What do you look for in a quality sportsbook? What do most players look for in a quality sportsbook? As a player, you probably have more than one book and that is a smart move.

Why should you have more than one book?

Think about how you play. Do you shop around for great lines and odds? You probably do. Every savvy player finds the best odds available. Having several books allows for you to shop around and shop around quickly. There is nothing worse than getting in that big bet at -145 and then finding out that another book offered it at -125. On a $1,000 bet; you just cost yourself $200!

There is more to a good sportsbook than just competitive odds. What else do they offer?

We have done our research so that you don’t have to. Researching the best sportsbooks takes a lot of time and most of you simply don’t have the extra time to spare. Lean on us for sound advice when it comes to choosing the right sportsbook for a great football season.

A quick checklist of important things to look for before depositing.

  • What is their reputation for paying, do they pay quickly and with no hassle?
  • What about deposit options, is the process quick, easy, and worry free?
  • Do they want US players? Most of the big-name sportsbooks no longer cater to players from the US. Be careful when depositing, a deposit may be easy but the payouts slow. Know what you are getting into.
  • Customer service is a big deal. You may want to call your sportsbook at some point. Do they offer a customer service dept. that you can call, do they speak English? A lot of them offer neither of these. How do they handle disputes? Is it quickly and easily or is it a giant run around?
  • A lot of players like bonuses. Do they offer them and are they good ones, or do they kill you with roll over that you can never climb out of?
  • Contests are always fun. Do they offer any kind of contest that doesn’t cost you the player money? Can you win money in these contests?

Possibly you are the type of player that likes to deposit at the beginning of the season and let is set. You don’t make big bets but you do play weekly. You may ask for a payout once every two or three months. You are the type of player that bonuses work well for. You should take a bonus. You can win big money playing this way and best of all; it wasn’t your money! Make sure that at least one of your books has a roll over plan that will work with your needs.

You may be a cash only player and you like to get paid when you win. Simple enough. You deposit, you win, you get paid the next day! There are books out there that pay your sports wager profits the next day and even the same day.

We have done our homework and we have found 3 top tier sportsbooks that pay out fast, offer great customer service, the best bonus structures on the internet, and freebies. Who doesn’t love a freebie? These three also love players from the US and they have a top-notch customer service dep. That you can call. Yes; you can call, and speak to a real live person, in English! That’s rare these days and people love it. People search for it. We have found it!

To meet your football and gaming needs this season and for honesty, transparency and the least amount of hassle; check these guys out:

Americas Bookie




You may notice that we have steered you away from the big names, the “superbooks”. They simply don’t make the grade for customer service and pay outs. Most of them do not like to pay quickly and they love giving you the runaround, in hopes that you will spend it all back.

Take our friendly advice for a no hassle season. Most of all have fun and makes tons of money.