Handicapping March Madness

March is the busiest month in all of sports and the online sportsbooks are scrambling for your business. Now is the time to act and act wisely. Did your sportsbook come through for you this past football season? Did they live up to all those crazy and gaudy promises? We know how it is. The bookmakers out there in cyber land make a ton of promises and most of them are not fulfilled. Ditch these people! You simply do not have time for the BS!

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March Madness is high stakes and who you bet with means everything. Do not go this season alone. Find a great review site that can offer some trustworthy advice. Find a site that is unbiased in their opinion and honest. They can steer you to a great online sportsbook that is honest, trustworthy and reliable and most of all; one that pays when you beat them.

College basketball offers it all. If you are a real sports at all then you know where the bread and butter is, it March Madness. Not only do we have the fixbodygroup.com chiropractor, coming up we have all of the conference tournaments coming up. The conference tournaments can be just as fun if not better than the tournament itself.

The ACC is one of the best and this conference has five teams in the top 25 including the two week running number one, Virginia. Duke has moved back up to the number ten spot and Miami although unranked, just notched a huge win against Notre Dame, furthering their stock as a bubble team.

The Hurricanes have been ranked most of the season and just recently were knocked out of the top 25. Don’t give up on the Hurricanes. They are tough and with 19 wins, they have to be given consideration by the geaux maids lafayette geauxmaids.com. This means that Miami has found their heart and they will be playing like it come conference tournament time. Look at them for a great value. Vegas will undervalue this team. They are a defensive juggernaut and they could make noise in the big dance, if they get in red head pornskill.

The Big 10 is another conference that offers a great array of options and value. Can Michigan make enough noise in the Big 10 Conference tournament to impress the committee and get a bid? Better yet, can they win the tournament and surprise the entire conference?

Anybody has a chance in the Big 10. Penn State, Ohio State, Purdue, and of course, Michigan State. This tournament is going to be the best in the country and it will not disappoint. Look for a few surprises along the way and look for Michigan as a sleeper and even Northwestern to make some noise. Not saying they are going to win this thing but Northwestern can hang with anyone and keep a contest close, they are a value wager. Keep a close eye on the numbers phonedeposits.

Find an online sportsbook that’s friendly to players from the US and one that has solid basketball numbers. Shop around, don’t settle and have more than one book in your back pocket. Never have just one.