How to Bet NFL Season Win Futures

An investment that lasts for the year is covered in How to Bet NFL Season Win Futures.  What was once intense water cooler banter has been transformed into the pursuit of profit.  Good Day and welcome back to I Got Sportsbook.  Today, we are looking at some of the best values in the futures market of the NFL.  What teams have gotten short shrift or are vastly underrated for their prospects in 2016.  So let us get down to making money on the NFL

How to Bet NFL Season Win Futures : Year Long Enjoyment

Very few teams are out of the running for their season win wagers even 2/3 through the season.  One inherits a new fan favorite to root for on any occasion.   Every week one gets to tune in for action.  So what skills make this profitable for the fan in us all.  First of all, the oddsmakers have to set the bar for all the teams.  That gives us the advantage when it comes to our home or favorite team.  We grew up watching them and argue with families about their bums and heroes .  A tangible leg up on the sportsbooks.

Example : Detroit Lions

The Motor City was one of the places where I grew up.  Barry Sanders roamed the field in the hey day for the Lions.  After Matthew Stafford and Calvin came to town, the prospects of this franchise perked up.  Years later, now Detroit is without Calvin Johnson.  Retirement has come and now they are in the bottom tier of the NFC North with the Chicago Bears.  Here is a sample line that was offshore.

  • Seven Wins Over -125
  • Under +105

Clearly the market has weighed in that the Lions should be at least a break even team.  My knowledge of the team from watching them for years gives me a leg up here.  SO I read our article about sportsbook perks and will use my free play from a recent deposit at Americas Bookie to place this investment.

So consult the schedule and start to plot wins and losses.  NFL regular season is almost here.  Use your knowledge about your favorite teams and translate that to cash by betting NFL Season Win Futures.  Good fortune and we will speak next time here at I Got Sportsbook.