How to Bet on Boxing

Betting on boxing is simple and easier to handicap because it’s man against man, you only have to break down two fighters, not an entire roster of players and it is a great way to add excitement to a fight.

Before you bet make sure you learn as much as you can about the fighters, especially about the favorites, since they will obviously require a much bigger investment. Sometimes champion boxers can overlook opponents and may not always be as motivated as they should be going into a title fight.

In boxing you have two sides, each with a money line, for example, the betking mobile app download betting for the upcoming fight between Vitali Klitschko and Tomasz Adamek is:

Klitschko -700

Adamek +500

The (+) sign indicates the underdog while the (-) sign indicates the favorite. Adamek at +500 means that you will win $500 for every $100 you bet and Klitschko at -700 means that you have to bet $700 to win $100. In case you win you get your winnings and initial bet back.


If a draw is included in the odds and you bet on a fighter and a draw indeed takes place you will lose your bet but if there’s a draw and it is not included in the odds then it results in a push and everyone receives their bet back.

Other Bet Types

The bigger the fight, the more betting options you will have. One of the popular bet types is the Over/Under. Sometimes a bettor might feel that a fight will be short or long without having a favorite to win it. In this bet type a number of rounds are set and you must predict whether the fight’s duration will exceed that total or not. Let’s suppose that the number designated as the total is 4.5. In this case you must bet if the number of rounds that the fight will last will be over or under 4 and a half rounds. Keep in mind that 4.5 rounds are actually completed at the 1:30 mark of the fifth round.

In some notable fights you can also bet on how a fighter will win. Here’s an example:

Antonio Margarito by decision or technical decision: +150

Antonio Margarito by DQ, TKO or KO: +200

Miguel Cotto by decision or technical decision: +105

Miguel Cotto by DQ, TKO or KO: +500

A technical decision is when a fight is stopped due to a cut. After four rounds, a fight-ending cut will result in the fight going to the scorecards. Before four rounds a fight-ending cut would result in a no-contest and all bets would be returned.

In some fights you can pick the exact round you think a fighter will win. These odds will change drastically depending on the punching power and durability of the fighters but picking the correct round is very profitable when you bet in betting mafia, Visit for more info.

Be sure to properly manage your money, as this is an important element for anyone looking to profit from sportsbetting. Know your weight classes and the differences associated with each. Looking into boxers records, both recent and otherwise should be taken strongly into consideration.