How to Improve Your Sports Betting Skills

This is how you can improve your sports betting skills.

Key Points 

– There are several ways to improve your sports betting skills.

– Consistency and discipline are big keys in improving sports betting skills.

How to Improve Your Sports Betting Skills

Every sports bettor aspires to improve. Whether you gamble professionally or just for fun, surely you want to win more.

There are a number of things you can do to win more bets and, ultimately, win more money. If you’re not already a successful sports bettor, here are several tips that will help you become a smarter bettor.

Watch More Games

Believe it not, too many sports bettors are placing bets on teams they have never seen play. They rely on stats and systems, which aren’t always bad, but watching teams and players in action can teach you a lot about them.

Watching games gives bettors information about fatigue and injuries. Players get hurt all the time, but seeing it and listening to the commentary can give you more insight into how an injury could affect a team.

In baseball, for example, watching games gives you an idea of how a team uses its bullpen. Closers aren’t typically available every day. Knowing that can influence the outcome of a game as well as your bet.


Get Help to Improve Your Sports Betting Skills

In today’s information age, there is often too much information for bettors to look at before placing a bet. There is definitely too much information for a bettor to consume on his own.

There are a number of ways a bettor can get some help with this. One is to simply hire a quality handicapper and let him do the research and make the picks. Bettors can also subscribe to any number of statistical and analytical services that provide accurate, up-to-date stats and analytics.

Bettors could even team up with other bettors and divide up the workload. The bottom line is to remember that a single bettor cannot do it alone. Get help when needed.

Use Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet program is a piece of computer software that can be used to calculate mathematical formulas, store data, and track statistics. When properly set up, they can save you a ton of time. That makes them especially useful if you already use a lot of statistics in your handicapping.

If you don’t currently use any statistics in your handicapping, a spreadsheet can be your ideal partner once you do. If you ignore statistics, it will be challenging to be a successful sports bettor, so start getting familiar with spreadsheet programs right away.

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are two common spreadsheet programs used by millions. 

Sports Betting Skills – Avoid the BUI

The BUI? Yes, the BUI, which should sound familiar if you know what DUI stands for. Driving under the influence, of course, impairs your ability to operate a vehicle.

Betting under the influence usually results in the destruction of one’s bankroll. Too often, bettors do not make wise decisions under the influence. They veer from their money management strategy much more easily after they have been drinking.

Place your bets before a game and if you are going to engage in live betting during a game, you should choose to go easy on the sauce. Your bankroll will thank you.

Shop for the Best Lines

It’s not always about selecting more winners when trying to improve your sports betting skills. Sometimes the goal is to increase revenue in other ways.

Finding the best lines and odds is one of the best ways to improve your sports betting skills and increase your profits. You will end up winning a few games each season that you would have lost otherwise. 

Once you have done the research and find a value bet, spend some time looking around for the best pricing. Over the course of a season or year, it may be worth several thousand dollars to you.

Bet Early or Late

The more knowledge you have to place a bet, the better. Your chance of winning bets increases as your knowledge increases.You’ll have more information if you wait until closer to game time to place your bet. 

Usually, bettors that like a favorite should bet the favorite early when they will most likely get the best price. Since the betting public likes favorites, numbers often get worse on the favorite’s end as it gets closer to game time.

If you become good at spotting line movements, that will help you determine the best time to place your bet. That will take your sports betting skills to new levels. 

Avoid Consistently Placing Exotic Bets

Parlays offer bettors a way to win some big money. The problem is that the odds typically are not in your favor. 

Exotic bets should be treated much like your diet. A diet that consistently features fast food, donuts, and sugary beverages is going to lead to some health problems. Eating these types of foods and having those kinds of drinks every so often is fine.

It’s the same with winning NFL parlays, teasers, and other exotic bets. Consistently betting parlays is a recipe for disaster. 

You have the best chance of winning consistently if you can concentrate all of your attention on a few key aspects of sports betting.

Final Note

There are undoubtedly dozens of ways to improve your sports betting skills. Starting with any of the tips mentioned here, you will be off to a great start. 

Implement one new change every week for the next several weeks. Most of these strategies are easy to follow. Your sports betting skills will be markedly improved in no time.