Live Betting: In-Game Betting with Live Odds

Live betting provides an opportunity to cash in on bad betting lines.

Key Points

– Live betting or in-game betting is one of the most popular trends in sports betting today.

– In-game betting makes games more exciting and is a way for smart bettors to make up for pre-game betting losses.

It is all the rage now in sports betting. Betting on sports itself has increased in popularity over the last several years and now the latest trend is live betting.

Live betting is exactly what it sounds like – wagering on a game while it is being played. Live betting has been around for a while, but not to the extent that it is today.

Bettors in the early 1900s could place wagers live at baseball games. There is documented history of such activity taking place, but it is nothing like what is available today. Bettors should take advantage of this latest innovation.

Ridley Suspended for Betting on Sports

Making Live Betting Possible

These days, bettors can find in-game betting action on just about any sporting event. It is now possible to place live bets on multiple games across multiple sports.

The big thing that has driven this change is technology. The rise of the internet and of sportsbook software has opened the floodgates for in-play betting. 

Sportsbooks now have the ability to update odds instantaneously. Improvements in software and internet access have made this possible. The result, of course, is that virtually all sportsbooks can now offer live, in-game wagering.

Why Choose In-Game Betting

If you have yet to do so, you should try live betting. It makes betting on a game much more exciting. 

Betting while a game is going on also provides you with better data than you had before the game. You get a feel for what’s happening and sometimes that might be the opposite of what you had thought before the game.

Oftentimes, live betting will make you a better sports bettor. In-game betting, when done correctly, forces bettors to look at how the game action is affecting the numbers. 

Sportsbooks count on bettors making emotional decisions. Most of those decisions are typically based on recent performance and public bettors usually base their decisions on recency bias. In-play betting at offshore bookmakers allows smarter bettors to fade the public at the right time.

One of the biggest reasons to engage in in-game betting is the ability to fix a bet gone wrong. Sometimes, our pre-game evaluation and analysis doesn’t go according to plan. 

After the first half, we find ourselves on the wrong end of a bet. Placing an in-game bet on the right side of the wager gives us an opportunity to amend our wrong. At the very least, we break even or don’t end up experiencing a total loss.

Example of Power of Live Betting

At the end of the 2018 NFL season, the Chiefs played the Patriots in the AFC championship game. Kansas City was a 3-point favorite but fell behind by two touchdowns in the first half. 

Live betting lines flipped and the Chiefs were +6.5 at halftime. Smarter bettors saw value in a Chiefs comeback. Kansas City did come back but lost in overtime…by six!

Bettors that had the Chiefs -3 lost that bet but were able to make up for it with a live bet at KC +6.5. That’s the power of live betting.

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