Non-Sports Betting Options at Online Sportsbooks

The word ‘sportsbook’ by its nature implies the act of taking or booking a bet on sports. While sports make up the vast majority of the betting action that today’s typical online sportsbook takes in over the course of the year, there are a number of different events that pop up from time to time that anyone can bet on

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One of the best examples of a betting event that would fall out of the realm of the sporting world would be the world of entertainment. If you just so happen to be a huge movie fan, then why not place a few timely bets on all the posted props for the annual Oscars as the ultimate awards show for the movie industry. Betting odds are also routinely released for the Golden Globes, Grammy awards for music and even the Tony awards for Broadway plays. When it comes to just about any awards show that is out there today, if you are willing to look hard enough you should be able to find some betting action somewhere.

Pop Culture is general has begun to attract more and more interest from online bettors looking for a diversion from the world of sports. You can find betting props for various food eating contests such as the famous Nathan’s hot dog eating contest at Coney Island every 4 th of July. You can also find betting props in the advance of a new movie or the release of the next season of a popular television series. More and more online sportsbooks, and pay per head sites are starting to realize that there is an entire market of pop culture fans out there that would love to bet on the next Star Wars movie or which character in the next season of the Walking Dead will be the first to be killed.

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Pro wrestling with organizations such as the WWE is the ultimate combination of sports and entertainment. Everyone knows that the actual fights are fixed, but the governing bodies of all of the pro wrestling leagues work very hard to keep the wraps on the scripted outcome of any bout to the point where some online books will release betting odds for the fights. The WWE’s WrestleMania events that take place from time to time are a perfect example of a betting event
that continues to soar in popularity. Betting odds are posted, professional sports handicappers offer selection packages and the overall betting action that one of these events can generate continues to grow with each passing year.

The recent turmoil in Washington DC caused by the latest presidential election is a perfect example of how a non-sporting event can still be front and center on the betting board of just about every major offshore sportsbook operating online. Right now there are betting odds posted for the 2020 US Presidential Election. By the way, the current betting odds that Donald Trump does not last the four years of his first term as the US President are now set at -130.

Other county’s elections pop up on the board when relevant and right now you can find betting odds for who will become the next Chancellor of Germany. If the Catholic Church is electing a new pope, you can bet on that. Just about any major event in the world of politics will now be accompanied by betting odds for the eventual winner.

Summer can be a tough time for an avid sports bettor unless you are a huge MLB fan. If you are looking for some betting action that may be a bit off the mainstream grid, do yourself a favor and check out our list of safe online sportsbook to see what non-sports events might be on the board.