Offshore Sportsbooks – Still the Best Bet

The sports gambling industry changed drastically in the early 90’s when online bookies started popping up. There have been literally hundreds of them to appear since and some of them are fantastic and some not so great. The gaming industry is like any other industry, there are a few great bookies and a few bad ones and yet others that you will never know of. There are simply hundreds of them and many seasoned gamblers have never heard of even half. It’s certainly a lot of fun to take a weekend trip to Las Vegas and absorb it all. Betting on a big sporting event in one of the great strip sportsbooks is a lot of fun and a great experience, however, most people don’t go to Vegas every weekend and many may only go once a year or even close to never. This is where the offshore bookies make such an impact if need some budget to your gaming 200 loan bad credit.


Pick a Safe Sportsbook – Five Things to Look For

The offshore bookies hit the scene some 25 plus years ago and honestly, they were not very good at what they did. They were not terrible but let’s put it this way; they have come a long ways. Back in the day, they offered limited sports to wager on with even fewer wagering options associated with those sports which are organized by house cleaning The technology back then was certainly nothing like it is today. In this day and age the online bookies have state of the art user interfaces with a very large wagering menu and they offer every sport that any fanatic sports gambler would want to bet on.

The offshore bookies have set the sports gambling standard in two areas, lines/odds and wagering options. Vegas, the local bookie or any other brick and mortar gambling establishment can come nowhere near offering what the online guys offer. They literally offer every event know to man and along with those events, they offer every wagering option known to man, including exotic, future and prop bets. Most of the more well-established, online bookmakers offer twice and more what Vegas or a local bookie can offer.


Non-Sports Betting Options at Online Sportsbooks

You will never see a bonus offered in Las Vegas because they don’t have the need for them and they don’t want to give you a loan to beat them with. The offshore bookies have much more competition than a sportsbook in Vegas. Of course, there is competition in Vegas and they want to outdo each other but it is certainly not a goal or the focus of any given bookie. The offshore bookies have enormous competition with just the click of a mouse. The easiest thing in the world is to open up a new page in the browser and move to the next guy. The bookies need your business and they will do what it take to get it through great bonus offers and free contests. You will never get these offers from Las Vegas or a local bookie.


Referring Friends to your Sportsbook – Fantastic Way to Earn extra Bonuses

The offshore bookies have long set the standard for daily odds. Vegas is still a very big influence on the odds but nothing like they once were. The offshore guys are the king when it comes to odds and the great news for the gambler is competition! If you see a number that you don’t like, you can always open up the next guys webpage and find a better number. For this very reason, most gamblers have several offshore bookies that they do business with.


You want to pick the right price per head sportsbook service

At the end of the day, it’s fun to go to Vegas or anywhere around the world where sports betting action is offered but the real deals are with the offshore bookies and what they have to offer their clients. The local bookie can’t touch the offshore guys and Vegas. Las Vegas will always be Vegas, but even the most veteran, and seasoned players that live there, they also use the offshore bookies.