Pay Per Heads Services Changing the Sports Betting Industry

The price per head or otherwise known as (pay per head), industry is booming and now that the US Supreme Court has opened the doors to online gaming, the industry is gangbusters! If you are a bookie and looking to get in on the ground floor, then now is the time.

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For years bookies have needed to keep their business under wraps and it hasn’t been easy juggling the desire to get your name known and the worry of keeping everything quiet. Really to speak in layman’s terms, this has all been so stupid. The state of Nevada has been allowed to choke out the gaming competition for years now and what it boiled down to was a monopoly. Nevada has held a monopoly on the entire sportsbook industry. Not until recent years were Indian Reservations allowed to build and maintain casinos and even that practice while warranted; seemed unfair.

The pph sportsbook industry in general will benefit from the recent rulings of the Supreme Court and if you have clients, now you can convert them to a great pay per head service. The idea of a PPH may be new to you and quite possibly you have no idea what they really do. A price per head is exactly what it sounds like. There is a price per head of every client the bookie has in his portfolio.

You are a bookie and you have 40 players that do business with you on a regular basis. You decide that you no longer want the hassle and burden of keeping up with all 40 players by yourself. This is where a quality Pay Per Head comes in. You need to check out some great reviews with the read more about on the internet and find a reputable company. Most of the better providers in the business charge around $10 per head. This means that for every client you have, they are charged a flat fee (a onetime fee) per week. It does not matter how many wagers they place, it can be 1 or it can be 100. They can place as many wagers as they like and you are charged the one time flat fee of $10 per week, per player or $40 a month per player, with unlimited gambling privileges.

What do you get?
What you get is a turnkey ready-to-go, online price per head sportsbook, racebook and casino. It is ready built and customized to meet you and your clients gaming needs. You have full access to a 24 hour toll free customer service hotline along with all of the gaming options of any online sportsbook and casino.

The beauty of this service, it’s free of charge for the first 4 weeks or longer. The best provider’s online offer a free trial and they will build your webpage and have you taking gamming action within a day.

The real beauty of this entire operation is the fact that you don’t have to do anything. There will be no more hand grading wagering slips, no more accounting and no more wondering where your money really went. A PPH sportsbook provides all of this for you and so much more.

If you are looking to grow your business and you care about the clients you do have, then consider a PPH. It would be well worth any bookies time to give it a try for the free trial period and find out if it’s worthy of your time. Not all PPh services are created equal. Do yourself a favor and read the friendly reviews. Get ready to enjoy life again but continue to rake in the profits.