Perks are a Plus to the Sports Wagering Experience

Promotional value for every season propels the entertainment and extra equity with dealing with some sportsbooks over others. Customers tire of going through the same menu of options through the entire season. Even in the most exciting of weeks in the season, a person craves for more out of their wagering experience.  Contests are often the tipping point which transforms every weekend into a must click experience.

Last Man Standing

One of the best ways to experience this is in a last man standing contests. Sites like America’s Bookie will pony up the prize pool out of their own pocket to give their customers a team to rail for and many to root against each week of the NFL season. The premise is simple. At the start of each week, every person still in the contest selects a team that they think will win. List of the players left and what teams they opt for are published before the start of play that Sunday. Your selection wins and you move on. Lose and you are gone. One winner for some serious cash. Last year America’s Bookie had a $5,000 prize that won fortunate person walked away with when he outlasted his peers in this contest.

Club 33

Another site had an ongoing promotion called Club33. This one had it so that each qualifying customer could choose one team for the entire season. If that team scores 33 that week, $333 is placed in their cash with no restriction to cashout. Many an extra point was sweated when this prize was awarded several times last season. This was one of the many perks that Bet33 gives to their loyal customers for free. A shot to take every week with extra equity that costs you nothing propels the experience of play at Bet33.

These are just two of the many examples that a quality sportsbook grants to their customers. Competition and camaraderie fuel the competitive spirit and establishes a bond between book and customer. Dependability, perks, and the knowledge that one gets paid promptly is what everyone looks for in their betting experience. Embrace all that your sports wisdom can generate for you at one of these betting establishments today.