Profit By Betting Golf

Learning to Profit By Betting Golf can best be done during a stretch of the season when the prize fought for by the players have the most meaning.  Welcome back to all our friends here at I Got Sportsbook.  Now is the time to embrace all the potential that investing on golf has to offer.  Another major is here and with the Summer Games in Rio right around the corner, the entertainment factor by massive broadcast coverage is a great format to learn.  Today, we will examine the next major on the plate and explain our reasoning on place a few basic type of bets for the 2016 PGA Championship.

Profit By Betting Golf : Two Key Factors

A simple launching point to get to the intermediate stage involves just a tiny bit of research.  The top players are straight forward to judge because if they are not near the top then something is amiss to their game.  For the mid pack of talent, look at where they finished and failed to make the cuts in the last three months.  Find out where they failed and if this next course is similar to the one(s) that gave them fits, Try  Secondly, there are sites like APEX Golf Betting do the research on what skill sets will do best on the next week’s course.  By knowing what shots and who does the well will give you a leg up to generate profit right away.

2016 PGA Championship

Let us look at the futures for this event.  What this term means is what price/reward can I get if I successfully pick the right golfer who wins this event.  Looking over the market, it surprises many that the favorite is not a member of the Big Three but instead it is Dustin Johnson. At +700, a $100 bet would get that amount back plus 700 more if he takes it home.  Now the next person in terms of being the favorite is Rory McIlroy.  Why are these two the favorites over say a golfer like Jordan Spieth.  Simple because Baltusrol rewards those with long driving ability to become a good golfer and to learn the majority of stuffs.  This is the most important shot this week so it is natural that Dustin and Rory who both hit the ball long and have done well recently are the odds on favorites to win the event.

Finally, there is heads up wagering.  This is where you get to pick one golfer against another to score lower here.  Both Rory and Dustin have bets against Jordan.  This would be another high profit potential because Jordan is not expected to do nearly as well as the two.  Elect to use the full tournament option to let their advantage be the largest over Spieth.  There you go.  Straight forward thinking process to let you see how to simply profit on any larger event.  Try it for yourself at Americas Bookie where your sports wisdom converts into cash if you can pick the winners of free spins casinos.