Sports Gambling Tips: Use Apps & Technology 

The best sports gambling tips today involve the use of technology. Gone are the days of physically walking into a casino or sportsbook to place a bet. Nowadays, bettors do it all online. The best advice and tips can also be found there.

Key Points

– There are numerous apps and other websites to help sports bettors improve.

– Some of the best sports gambling tips involve using today’s available technology.

The Changing Sports Betting Industry

The entire sports betting industry was flipped on its heels when the US Supreme Court decided to repeal the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). That left the door open to the 50 US states for legalized sports betting.

That, plus the improvements in technology, have opened up a whole new world for sports bettors. These days, anyone can place a sports bet and do it from just about anywhere on the planet. 

New betting apps are all the rage and bettors can simply take out their smartphone, browse through odds and lines, make deposits and withdrawals, and place bets. 

There are databases full of sports information all available at the touch of a button or click of a mouse. Sports bettors can access this information and use it to increase their chances of winning bets. Never before has it been so easy for sports bettors.


Sports Gambling Tips – Use a Tracking App

If you are not tracking your bets, you are violating one of the cardinal principles of winning sports betting. Every article you read about how to win more bets will include something about tracking. 

Tracking your bets will help you reveal what works and what doesn’t. You can make adjustments along the way, but you won’t know what to do unless you keep a record of your past betting actions.

In the past, tracking wagers might have meant keeping a notebook and filling it with all the pertinent information. Over time, you may have progressed to using an Excel spreadsheet to do the same. The problem there is that if you don’t know how to use Excel, you might spend way too much time just tracking bets instead of placing them.

Today, tracking your bets is easier than ever. There are a number of quality apps that will keep track of all your betting activity for you. You can access it directly from your smartphone and you will always have it with you. 

The app will perform all of the tasks that you used to do by hand. It will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your betting patterns. Why not take advantage of this and improve your winning percentage at the same time?

Bet on Your Phone

As mentioned already, the majority of sports bettors today are doing all of their betting business online. They are accessing their sportsbook via their smartphones. 

It’s so easy to pull out your smartphone and open your online bookie app or go to your sportsbook website. Once there, you can do everything from deposit or withdraw funds to check on the latest odds for any sporting event. 

Any sportsbook worth anything has, at the very least, a website optimized for mobile devices. Many of the best sportsbooks in the industry have their own apps. Bettors can open the app and take care of all their betting needs. That includes placing bets.

Sports Gambling Tips: Use Apps & Technology
Sports Gambling Tips: Use Apps & Technology

Feel the Need for Speed

There is a good reason why you want to place all of your bets via your smartphone. It’s all about timing. 

Think about the stock market. You want to buy low in the hopes of a stock price rising and earning you thousands (maybe millions!) as a result. When is the right time to buy?

It’s the same in the sports betting industry. All of the professional gamblers pay attention to big line moves. They search for the right time to invest. When it’s time to pull the trigger, they do so.

That is why the smartphone is so crucial for today’s sports bettor. When you can get that extra half-point on a spread or another 10 cents on a moneyline, placing a bet with your smartphone is almost instantaneous.

Sports Gambling Tips – Use Websites that Focus on Stats

There is no clear-cut method to improving your skills. One thing is clear though. The more information you have, the more likely you are to make a strong betting decision.

Each bettor has his or her own one-of-a-kind approach to handicapping. They all make use of the same facts. Every bettor can go to a website full of statistics. The way they digest the information is what sets them apart. 

Many people who bet on sports just check the scores and standings on ESPN or TSN in Canada. Based on that information, they believe they can predict what will happen. Other handicappers will use the seemingly unlimited supply of data maintained by particular establishments to their advantage. 

There are websites that maintain databases that are completely full of lines from a variety of bookmakers. These databases also maintain extensive records of ATS information for almost every team in every sport. 

In addition, Twitter is one of the best sources for any late-breaking news regarding injuries, updates regarding the weather, rumors regarding trades, and everything in between. Everyone has access to the information, but how you choose to make use of it can determine whether or not you end up being a profitable sports bettor.