What kind of Bets are Offered with Sportsbook Betting?

After opening an account with an online sportsbook, the first question many first time bettors have is what kinds of bets are offered with sportsbook betting? Today we will introduce you to a few of the basic types of bets available with sportsbook betting. When you open an account and make a deposit you will be able to bet football, baseball, basketball, soccer or most any sport in which you might have an interest. There are a lot of different ways to bet these sports, but to keep it simple, we will go over the basics today so that if you are new at sports betting you will not be confused. Once you have gotten used to betting sports online you will learn ways to make it more profitable and therefore more enjoyable.

Let’s get to the basics of what kinds of bets are offered with sportsbook betting. As we said, we will stick to the basics here and show you the more popular types of bets. When you are comfortable with these and know what you are doing you may, or may not, want to move on to more advanced types of bets. The first type of sportsbook betting we will talk about is the money line bet. Some people like to bet the money line in football, but it is more popular with baseball and hockey. With this type of bet, one team is the favorite and one team is the underdog. With a money line bet, you must bet more on the favorite than you do on the underdog. We will use a hockey example on this one

101 Philadelphia Flyers -155

102 Carolina Hurricanes +135

The home team is always listed second. To bet on Philadelphia you must risk $155 to win $100. If you choose to bet on Carolina you will risk $100 to win $135. Simple, yes? The next type of bet we will talk about is the straight bet. This is a very common type of bet for example in football and basketball. The underdog is given points against the favorite, so it is starting out ahead to begin with fantasy graphic Slot games. The favorite will always have a – next to the amount of points and the underdog will have a + next to the points. In few cases, the oddsmakers will consider the two teams evenly matched and it will be PK (Pick em) or E (Even Money). For this example we will use a football game:

101 Buffalo +6

102 Dallas –6

If you want to bet Dallas in this game, they must win by more than six points to win your bet. If you bet Buffalo, Dallas would have to win the game by less than six points or Buffalo win the game to win your bet. The last type of bet is on totals and it is as easy as it sounds. The oddsmaker sets a number for the total score between two teams and you must decide if the total will be over or under that number. If the O/U (over/under) for a game is 38, you must bet whether the combined score for the game will be over or under 38. If the score is 21-10 you win, but if the score is 28-17 you lose.

Knowing what kinds of bets are offered with sportsbook betting is the first step to get you started. You can start with these simple bets and as you become comfortable and know more about sportsbetting you might want to move on to more advanced bets. With America’s Bookie you have more options for betting than anywhere else online.