What Makes a Top Online Sportsbook

When looking for an A-1 sportsbook, it takes someone with tremendous instincts who can sniff out a great book from a bad book. Obviously, that’s easier said than done, we are here to find you a top online sportsbook.

What makes a good sportsbook? There are a lot of variables to keep an eye on, but we’ll make it easier for you.

Here are the factors to keep an eye on that separate the bad books from the goods ones.


A Long-Standing Reputation

This is probably the most important factor on our list. If you choose a book that was started overnight, you’re going to be running into a lot of headaches.

Rather than standing on the sidelines, get in the game by choosing a reliable, safe sportsbook with a long-standing reputation. This means that you have to prioritize one of these options over anything else.

A lot of Twitter-based sportsbooks tend to rise from the middle of nowhere. As a result, most bettors get lured in by huge bonuses or catchy graphics. These are the worst possible reasons to get on board with a book.

This means that there are going to major issues that complicate things more than they need to be complicated. If you like losing money, whether you win or lose, it’s another “good” move to go with an non-reputable book.

Plain and simple: If the book hasn’t been around at least 10 or more years, do not book with them, unless, of course, there are a ton of rave reviews from trusted third-party sportsbook review platforms.

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Good Lines

Good lines are another obvious factor, but the whole point of a sportsbook is to have an option to bet on a sports contest. If you don’t have the option of getting good lines, you’re missing out on the major aspect of any top online sportsbook.

Without having the opportunity to get down on good options, you’ll realize very quickly that these are options that are otherwise out of reach.

If a sportsbook has ridiculous prices on a line that might be 20 or 30 cents cheaper elsewhere, you’re overpaying for that line. This is a major difference from mediocre books that don’t have the solvency or the risk management to have cheaper lines. As a result, you get situations like BetIslands, where a book notorious robbed hundreds of thousands from customers.

Do not end up in a BetIslands situation. Choose reputable books, and you will never have to deal with that, and one of the surest indicators is how well they set their lines. Also, beware of books that set lines that are too good to be true.

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Undercutting everyone means they are trying to get as much money as they can. Of course, when that happens, it’s a similarly concerning warning sign.

These are two critical factors to keep in mind. However, when it’s all said and done, you’ll end up with a damn good sportsbook, guaranteed.